Fundraisers for Charity Tired of selling candy, popcorn, and cookies? How about spending your Saturday washing cars in a restaurant parking lot?

Cruisers has a simple solution. Sell our very popular $20 gift cards and keep 25% of the proceeds. See the chart below to see how fast and easy it is for your non-profit organization to make real money.

Number of Cards Sold Your Total Profit
100 $500
200 $1000
250 $1250
500 $2500

Cruisers Charity Wash Program Policies

We have just a few guidelines we need you to follow to ensure a successful gift card selling campaign in Wilmington.
  • You must be a Non-Profit Organization with a current Tax ID Number.
  • Organization chairperson must fill out an application and return it to a store manager for consideration. All information on the application must be completed. The chairperson will be responsible for the gift cards. Applications are subject to approval.
  • Organizations will receive $5.00 for every $20 gift card sold.
  • Organizations must return all unsold gift cards by the date listed on the contract.
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